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New Mexico Sunrise

I have been writing since my late teens, using a pen name of Sanatee. An early poem of mine won an award at my high school. My poetry is generally based upon events of my life; some are mere thoughts. I have a wife, Debra, and a daughter, Holly. My poetry is based on truth, as is my life. As for my life--I try to reach people with my poems and to touch their lives with my spririt. I welcome letters at the address below.

Wild Bill and Co.
(Dedicated to: M.T. Hickox)

Who runs this town for most of the day?
it's little Wild Bill.
he's throwing down on any who play.
you outlaws try him if you will,
he's got a little room for y'all up on the hill.

Four o'clock and Wild Bill's out of here.
outlaws come from far and near;
gunslingers, cardsharks, bone killers, and the lot;
yet ducking and dealing from another man still
Deputy Doright's here to fill the spot.

Many don't see them so they say
rough and rugged till they're made.
handcuffed and to the pokey bound
with partners looking on across the horizon.
outlaws taken away into the midday or setting sun.

Somewhere I Love You

I t's a word of feeling
L eading to many emotions
O ne of which is sorrow
V ery unlike happiness
E ach still taking a turn
Y et we still live
O ften wondering why
U ntil the word is no more

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After Thoughts

I've already put one together
A small book of thoughts
Thoughts turned to poems
Now I've got more thoughts
Ideas that came later
used like stems
To bind my versed leaves

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