This Life of Sanatee

Mind Diffusion

When we were born
Our minds were whole
As we aged people ruined them
All through life we are all
Going through mind diffusion

In school they say we are being taught
Learning of the past
When we would be better off with the present
All through life someone tells us a lot of nothing
With all this we'll never end mind diffusion

Mind diffusion
The never ending destruction of man
The construction of insanity

Sigmon Davis Feud

It happened every weekend
Just lasting two days
A friendly anger
Started in many ways
Maybe by Sigmon
Just to be a demon
Or by Davis
For the loss of a kiss
Between them a game
Becoming a bit of fame
It will not be forgotten
But maybe revived again


A Young man
Of people's thoughts
Both their normal
and abnormal
Is this Sanatee

Saying I don't care
With feeling to share
And love for some
Is this Sanatee

Normal thoughts
Soundness of mind
Is this Sanatee

A somewhat poet
Hiding feeling in prose

This is Sanatee

What Will I Become

At Present
I could become a poet
Later with mind absent
A person insane
But with houses to let
There's possibility of Landlord
When with money I'm bored
I may be a bum
But who know's
What will I become

The Answer

Am I
lost and forsaken,
amidst this world so trouble shaken?
so solemn in matters
life around me in shatters
humble and meek
freedom and family I seek
all my troubles and sorrow,
will they be gone tomorrow?
In this life I have found
a love so profound
One who does always care
whose presence is everywhere
He'll keep me and carry me along
even when I do Him wrong
so if I feel lonely,
I'll call upon the one and only,
I Am